Business Sectors - Automotive/Industrial Vehicles

A global product and process engineering offer

SEGULA Technologies can provide its added value and industrialisation resources at all stages of a vehicle’s development cycle. Its customers can benefit from the group's skills and know-how in product engineering (style, calculations and simulation, electronics, architecture, etc.), processes (complete processes, pressing, assembly, etc.) as well as cross-functional activities (project management, consulting and performance improvement, etc.).

The group can also rise to the current environmental challenges thanks to its unique expertise of over 20 years in alternative and electrical propulsion.

The skills in the group are maintained through regular new hires and the training delivered by its internal training center. Thanks to its flexibility and know-how in the transfer of skills, SEGULA Technologies is in a position to support its customers on an international scale.


Product engineering, in a scheme of concurrent engineering

  • Styling, styling follow-up, technical and style convergence.
  • Architecture.
  • Body and openings, interior and exterior equipments.
  • Mechanisms, glazing, sealing, visibility & rear view.
  • Mechanics (powertrain, engine environment, suspensions…).
  • Electricity/embedded electronics.

Process engineering

  • Expertise in the definition of complete processes with regard to both bodywork-assembly and machining-mechanics, plastic injection...
  • Systems integrators and/or OEMs management, in term of QCSP (Quality, Costs, Schedule, Performance).

Cross or transverse skills

  • Project management.
  • Calculations and simulations (static, dynamic, crash, fatigue, fluids, thermal…).
  • Production of mock-up, mules, prototypes.
  • Testing / Validation.
  • Quality management, geometry. Document engineering.
  • Logistic engineering.
  • Vehicle synthesis and approvals. Consultancy and performance improvement.

The special case of electric vehicles

  • Inter-system simulation (powertrain design).
  • Electric vehicles specific architecture (packaging, weight etc.).
  • Numerical simulation (battery integrity, weight optimisation).
  • Embedded electronics (powertrain performance optimisation, new displays or HMI: Human Machine Interfaces).
  • Specific studies on suspensions or engine mounting.
  • Synthesis, validation, tuning on rolling benches or test tracks.

Specific activities around industrial vehicles

  • Site plant, tip-lorries or vehicles with various accessories, implementing mechanical, hydraulic, electrical automation, pneumatic and industrial IT know-how.
  • Improving industrial performance
  • Assembly line support

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