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A 360° vision

Opening up new horizons

Innovation and R&D are part of SEGULA Technologies’ DNA. This new horizon approach is made available to customers on request and is also explored in-house, ensuring we are always one step ahead of the competition and the market.

Future of industry

SEGULA Technologies’ Research & Development projects are focused around its customers’ future industrial issues. The projects begin with a precise customer request or follow an experience of one of its experts, in the field. The ambition is to resolve technical and scientific issues and help maintain high standards in innovation.

Recent innovations

SEGULA Technologies engineers recently participated in:

  • The creation of the Hagora concept-car which combines environmental safety and road performance with great aesthetics.
  • The design of the Sitrum eco-truck, adapted to new mobility requirements in urban environments.
  • The design of an autonomous offshore wind farm.
  • Controlling calculations for the elements of SARISTU, the European “airplane of the future” project, run by EADS.


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